Traded NYC's snow for MIAMI's heat


When the opportunity to travel to Miami for vacation rose in the middle of the dead winter, I couldn’t possibly have said “no!” I mean to be quite frank I’m not a huge Florida girl unless it’s for Disney World, but if someone asked me if I wanted to escape the 23 degree and below weather for a nice 86 degree, I will more than gladly (over)pack my suitcase for a short tropical getaway.

For those who know me or think they may know me, I can’t possibly travel without a checked-in bag. It will 99% always happen. Girl just has to have options; and by options I mean at least 3 outfits per day. I mean go ahead and call me “crazy,” but at least I’ll be prepared for whatever occasion is thrown at me. You also best believe that I changed at least three times a day, but to save your time I’m only going to show you my favorite outfit of each day.

Day 1

Straight out of our delayed flight and onto the beach, my breath was taken away from the view of the oceanfront. The first thing my boyfriend mentioned to me was that the rest of the evening would be a SURPRISE! For a girl who changes her outfit 23 times before selecting THE ONE, the word “SURPRISE” both excites and terrifies me. There were about 5 gazillions questions floating in my head during that moment. “What do I wear? Casual? Dressy? Dressy-casual?” “HELLLLLPP!!!!” Of course I didn’t get any guidance, so I just decided to go with a casual yet flirty polka-dot romper by one of my favorite brands “Show me Your Mumu” and some tan laced up heels by Vince Camuto to transform it into a night-time look. By the way I was so into polka-dots this trip!! If only I had a yellow-polka-dot-bikini…. GIRL.


Day 2

Girl was RED HOT! I literally turned into a lobster on this 85 degree, full of sun Miami day. I may have gone a little overboard with my tanning that morning because now I certainly am paying my dues with my first ever sunburn. Seriously someone tell me how to stop from peeling because I’ve never had more fascination in peeling off my skin (eEEwwWWW) than I did back in elementary school with Elmer’s glue. 

Anyways… onward with the outfit, I put together this day-night look that might have been one of my favorites this trip. When in Miami, it’s acceptable to wear short shorts and a crop top on the street. I mean girls are just flaunting their skimpy bikinis on the street like it’s a normal day, so I almost felt modest in a sense. White will always look good after a nice tan, so I went with the angular shorts by AQUA (exclusively sold at Bloomingdales) and this red floral smocked crop top with off the shoulder sleeves to compliment the extreme lines of the shorts. On those flat feet of mine, I wore my favorite gold embellished sandals with a small heel (of course) by Karl Lagerfeld. And to tie it all together I carried around my newly purchased, Gucci ‘Dionysus’ bag. 


Day 3

Back with the polka dots… but this time BIGGER AND BOLDER! It was the perfect day for this outfit! Not only because I needed to cover my red hot body, but because the temperature dropped to about 68 degrees that day. The mesh black top over the silk bralette went seemingly with these fun light-weight flared dotted pants. Yes, its an all black outfit (with a touch of white), but the fun print made it more acceptable to wear during the spring time! SO I’M GOOD YALL, DON’T COME @ ME. Again I paired it with my Gucci ‘Dionysus’ bag and Karl Lagerfeld sandals. 

P.S. I was 100% comfortable walking 4 miles in this outfit. Fashion first, not comfort. ;) 


Day 4

Travel day!! So let’s set something straight, airport outfits have become a total FAD in the last year. Like now I feel like you HAAVVEEE to dress cute to go to the airport. I swear to god I’ve been catching myself shopping for “airport looks” just for the plane now… call me nuts. Quite unfortunate for my wallet, but I’m all for it, especially when it comes to athleisure. Although I don’t think my outfit is very “chic,” I’m still going to make you guys read about it and look at my photos because the scenery is just breathtaking. I recently discovered this new luxury athletic brand called ‘Koral,’ a company based out in Los Angeles. I am wearing these black snake print leggings by them which have got to be the comfiest leggings to date (sorry Lulu) and on top I’m sporting an Adidas X Stella McCartney black climatee with also python print detailing and cool button snaps on the side (not pictured). Layering up because it’s FREEZING back at home in NYC, I wore my DOGPOUND ‘Champion’ sweatshirt and my go-to Zara tri-colored puffer jacket to add a splash of color. And lastly but not least, to tie the whole “I’m a wannabe skater chick” fit, I paired it with my favorite sneeeaks, the all white Nike Air Force 1’s. 

Photo after the night of the NYC blizzard -___-

Photo after the night of the NYC blizzard -___-

Candy Tong