As old Taylor SWIFT would say, I'm "FEELING TWENTY-TWO!"

Today, I am celebrating my 22nd birthday (god, I feel old) and what better way to come back from a short hiatus from the blog shindig than with twenty-two interesting, hilarious, (maybe) weird facts about myself?!  

Let's get started!!!!

1. My middle name is Candy and my first name is Vanessa. I love both, but I've always been called Candy since a wee fetus.

2. I'm an ICE CREAM ADDICT. Gift me mint chip or coffee ice cream...and you'll be my best friend. Also my birthday cake since I could remember has always been an ice cream cake!!!!!

3. I lived in the apartment unit below Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) when I was dancing in London.

4. I won a Rubix Cube competition back in middle school and completed it in less than 20 seconds. 

5. You'll never see me as a couch potato. I'm actively moving/can never sit still/very impatient.

6. I'm that person who wears three outfits per day. #fashionista

7. I'm a shoe hoarder. I don't have any more room in my closet to store them, so I took over the laundry room in my house too. You can never have too many.... SHOES OMG SHOES.

8. NorCal over SoCal, 100%. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

9. I've been featured in the Huffington Post, Dance Magazine, and Dance Spirit Magazine!!

10. I don't know how to ice skate :( 

11. I've traveled to 20 of the 50 states and out of all places I've never been to FRICKEN HAWAII!!! :O

12. I've watched the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway 8 times. It's my absolute favorite.

13. My favorite city outside of the USA is Paris. I'm a basic betch!

14. I have a bucket list with of my one of best friends and on that list is..  *drum roll please*...  "Take part in Candy's wedding in the Amalfi Coast, Italy!"

15. I'm a germaphobe. 

16. When I was a kid, I thought it was fun to sleep on the tail end of the bed. (I'm so weird)

17.  I've broken 3 things: My leg, my right foot, and my iPhone6. 

18.  I'm a HUGE FAN OF THE WARRIORS. You can catch me at several of the games during the season. #DUBNATION

19. Biggest pet peeve: being late to a scheduled plan/event/shoot/date/whatevaa

20. I've been in two long distance relationships. They are hard af. First one was high key a DISASTER.

21. TWENTY-ONE. Man my "FIRST" legal drink was a Moscow mule...or maybe it was a lemon drop? Nahhh probably a glass or merlot... nevermind I don't remember, it was a blurry night. ;)

22. I have a dream of opening up my own dance school in the future as well as having a career in a fashion magazine. #hireme

Well there's your twenty-two facts about MEE. The list could go on and on, but I guess that just means you will have to meet me in person!! Thanks for reading my lovely ppl!!

Much love, 

Candy <3

Photo by Randy Tindage

Photo by Randy Tindage

Candy Tong