Wrapping Up 2017

With the New Year ringing in, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone and everything that happened to me this year. It has been quite a wild ride - filled with lots of change, sacrifice, rejection, failure, love and adventure. I don't think I have realized how significant this year has been in my life, but now that I am writing this, I can finally begin to grasp the essence of 2017. For me, this past year was about growth - growth in the most beautiful, uncomfortable, mysteriously perfect ways that were evidently essential to my very own human development.

This past year went by especially fast! This year end post helps me wrap up the year and reflect on my journey. I feel like I grow in new ways each year, both as a person and as an artist. Having my blog is a lot like having a diary or a journal and it's really cool when I will get the chance to look back at several years' worth of all kinds of candy coated blog posts. 

2017 was a very busy year... I had some really great dancing opportunities like performing with Complexions Contemporary Ballet at the Joyce Theatre to dance festivals in Dallas and New York. In addition, I graduated college this past March and was able to finish my BFA in just 2 1/2 years (crazy, I know).  It was also a very hard year for me. Not bad whatsoever, just difficult. Lots of rejections and growth. I went through a lot this summer which forced me to think about what I wanted in life and dance. I am thankful for my mother, my boyfriend, and my Physical Therapist for believing in me these past couple of months. They have kept me sane and have always motivated and inspired me to keep pushing for my dreams. Without their constant faith in me, I probably would have given up my dance career. If anything, I've learned to trust the process. I've spent a great deal of my time improving myself as a dancer. I've had the privilege to connect with so many new choreographers and dancers that I'm greatly thankful for. I've also been able to network with new creatives which has lead me to awesome collaborations with fantastic companies. I don't ever want people to think that my life is picture perfect or amazing all the time. It isn't. I am always grateful, though, no matter what is happening.

To conclude this post, I want to share some rather exciting news. This last week I went to Disneyland with my boyfriend and as a late Christmas gift (meaning the 26th of Dec), I was offered a contract with Complexions Contemporary Ballet. I am so excited and thrilled and joyous and everything happy to be dancing with this company. There are truly no words to describe how much I've been looking forward to this day! Dreams really do come true at the happiest place on earth. I think that just shows you that the best things appear when you least expect it. So from hear on out, you can find me in the Big Apple! 

I am looking forward to what is to come in 2018. Cheers to a prosperous, thrilling, and successful NEW YEAR!

With love always,



Candy Tong