Well hey there, lovely strangers!! It's been a while since I've sprinkled your life with some CANDY COATED-ness. I apologize for my absence as it has been a crazy and very exciting three months since we've last touched base. For those who know or don't know, I moved to New York City back in January to join Complexions Contemporary Ballet which also happens to be my dream company. Ever since I stepped foot on my 6:30 am Virgin America flight to JFK, it has been all hustle n' bustle and no act of being a couch potato. But with that said, I finally have found the time to sit my toosh down in a chair and do nothing but write this blog for you. 

(ps. I'll try and make this as concise as possible because let's be honest no one has that much time to read a novel)

Since my first day with Complexions, I have felt nothing but JOY, fatigue, EXCITEMENT, stress, and FULFILLMENT. There was absolutely no time to waste! I dove right in and learned two full ballets during my first three days on the job for a performance the following week!!!! I may have been very overwhelmed and stressed, but I of course was more than willing to devote my time and energy into it. I remember returning home every night my first week completely exhausted and ready to just flop into my hotel bed at 8pm. Oh and yeah... I did say hotel because I pretty much was "homeless" for two and a half weeks desperately hunting for an affordable NYC apartment (which btw does not exist). This was a huge struggle on its own! I went through more than 30 apartments before I came across a place that was semi-decent. Needless to say, after all the hunting I am happy to have found my home-yy shoebox/closet just in the heart of Manhattan. Once I got "settled" down in the city, I was already packing my bags for my first tour! My very first performance with Complexions was one to remember. It was great to finally share the stage with these dancers who've inspired me to this day. I even had my lucky charm there, mama Tong (haha). She seriously has been to every single show in my life (well almost every one... mainly the big ones)!! Ever since the first show we have traveled to perform in Florida, Kansas, and even Texas. My next stop is Hawaii which I am absoluetly thrilled for... and then back to my roots....the GOLDEN STATE, CALI-freaking-FORNIA! One of the big reasons as to why I love this company so much is that we get to tour all over the US and world-wide. It's been wonderful getting to know my co-workers and spending time with them whether it be stuck in a hotel in Missouri for 48 hours or playing laser tag against 7 years olds. I am so grateful to be a part of this family of 15 dancers.

[If you are curious about where we are touring next, hop on over to our website (http://www.complexionsdance.org) and come support us and the arts! We are currently performing pieces to Bach and David Bowie! You truly don't want to miss this show.]

In addition to my crazy rehearsal and performance schedule (like that's not enough), I am usually found in front of a camera somewhere on a busy street in Manhattan causing (not stopping) traffic. I've done some pretty exciting projects so far in the Big Apple that you may have already seen on my Instagram feed! I am so appreciative for the type of creative artists that live here. New York is known for having extremely talented and inspiring artists and I am one to testify that. The photographers and videographers I have worked with thus far are 100% dedicated to their craft and I am so thankful and happy for that. I've FINALLY created my first series of dance videos last month with my new friend, Matt (@_enigmatt_) as well as capture some quick shots in a snow storm in Central Park with David (@dtufino_photo) which I've been wanting to do for a very long time!

I truly never would have thought that Instagram would grow to be such a vital networking tool in my life.  I have been able to build lasting relationships not only with you, but also with amazing  brands and companies that I never imagined I'd be working with. I am now in partnership with NA-KD FASHION, Happy Socks, Halo Top, and even small up and coming businesses! Adding to the hoorah, I celebrated to 20,000 ( and counting) of you on Instagram a short while ago!! But like I said on my post on IG, the number of followers you have is no where near as important as the type of followers. As organic reach on social media declines, the quality of your followers will be much more important than the quantity. So with that said, I want to say thank you for your loyalty, support, and love. It means a lot to know that there's an audience out there who continues to support my passion.

I plan to be more active on my blog and continue to update you on my journey, but I hope you enjoyed reading today's long awaited post. Happy Thursday, you are almost approaching the weekend... and happy St. Patrick's Day!!

(P.S. ~ Don't forget to wear GREEN)

With love,



Photo by Matt Chu (@_enigmatt_)

Photo by Matt Chu (@_enigmatt_)

Photo by Kevin Sikorski  Photo can be seen at Top Shop Hong Kong and Top Shop Singapore

Photo by Kevin Sikorski

Photo can be seen at Top Shop Hong Kong and Top Shop Singapore

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